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Lyme loonies spend big! (with your money)

After declaring, “The last thing I want to do is to go willy-nilly like last spring”—last spring being when your elected representatives hosed down nine parks in a useless, environmentally destructive, $10,000 chemical assault in order to appease the Lyme Disease loonies who for some reason have taken over the local Republican Party—Chairman Scott York (R-Kincora) voted last week along with the rest of the 9-0 unanimous all-GOP Lyme Loonie friendly Loudoun Board of Supervisors to do what  looks an awful lot like  . . . more willy-nillyness. Continue reading

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All-purpose slush fund

Supervisors in neighboring Prince William County were the focus of a recent scandal when it came out that they were allowed to individually spend left-over office funds on pet projects of their choice in the community. This allowed Your Elected Politicians to have smiling photos taken of themselves sitting at the head tables of do-good organizations’ fundraisers and similar events being congratulated for giving $20,000 or $100,000 of your tax dollars as if they were the ones who had reached into their pockets to do it.

The Loudoun Board of Supervisors have been doing much the same with the Transient Occupancy Tax fund, using it to dispense political favors out of an all-purpose slush fund even as they plead fiscal straits to slash other programs that don’t benefit “their” very right-minded constituents. (Basic GOP rule: sports good, culture bad.) Continue reading

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Class warfare, Loudoun style

SO here’s a familiar story.

First, ram through policies that entail massive increases in government obligations by turning private gains into public costs.

Second, cut taxes.

Third, act mystified that God or nature or other forces totally beyond human control has produced a shortfall in the budget, and propose as a solution . . . cutting the programs that were the direct result of your own policies.

In Loudoun, we’ve seen this play out over the last two decades courtesy of the developer-infested GOP machine. Continue reading


The gang that couldn’t spray straight

It’s been vastly amusing to watch our elected county supervisors attempt to bluster and bloviate their way out of the fiasco they created for themselves last spring when they declared that they were going to apply the enormous scientific resources of the Loudoun County Republican Party to eradicate Lyme disease.

This involved (a) appointing a commission filled with assorted Lyme loonies and practitioners with a financial stake in overdiagnosing Lyme disease and claiming against all scientific and medical fact that this is a rampant and chronic illness requiring (their) chronic and continued care with unproven treatments and (b) hosing down a few parks with $20,000 worth of toxic pesticides in order (as Extremely Knowledgeable Lyme Disease Expert Supervisor Ken Reid  vowed) “to wipe out ticks” in the county. Continue reading

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There’s always 50 Grand for our friends

Without batting a collective eye, our extremely businesslike all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors last week voted 8-0 (Supervisor Suzanne Volpe AWOL) to hand 50,000 smackers of your tax dollars to Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth World Series, Inc.

This extremely needy organization will be holding in Purcellville next year one of the multiple “world series” (very loose term) that the Babe Ruth Baseball League holds every year, and since the local hosting organization is required to hand over 50,000 smackers as a “fee” directly to Babe Ruth Baseball League to cover its vast administrative costs, it’s of course only reasonable that your local government should spring for it.

That, and the fact that the president of Greater Loudoun Babe Ruth, Inc., is none other than Dale Polen Myers, Continue reading

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