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Lower taxes or pay off developers: You choose!

Our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors vowed back when they took office in January that they would

• reduce school costs

• lower property taxes

• expand the commercial tax base

It just so happens they will have a chance to do all three! Pending before the Board are 8 rezoning applications from developers suddenly eager to convert commercial zoned property to residential. Continue reading

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Class warfare, Loudoun style

SO here’s a familiar story.

First, ram through policies that entail massive increases in government obligations by turning private gains into public costs.

Second, cut taxes.

Third, act mystified that God or nature or other forces totally beyond human control has produced a shortfall in the budget, and propose as a solution . . . cutting the programs that were the direct result of your own policies.

In Loudoun, we’ve seen this play out over the last two decades courtesy of the developer-infested GOP machine. Continue reading


Business as usual

We’ve been hearing a lot about how “business” minded our new all-Republican Board of Supervisors here in Loudoun is. But just as politicians who invoke God all the time are usually the first to be caught with their pants down or their hands in the till, so those who talk about running government as a business regularly do things that the owner of a pop stand would know better than to do. Continue reading

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“I am not an ideologue”

Whenever a politician goes out of his way to issue a denial of something that ought to go without saying (“I am not a crook!”), it’s a good sign there’s something worth looking into there.

So when Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) told us “I was not trying to be ideological or capricious with any of my votes” on the 2013 county budget, it’s a good bet that there in fact was, well, plenty ideological and capricious. Continue reading

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Tax cut pandering, budgetary reality

It’s easy to blather airily about Cutting Your Taxes when you’re running for office; it’s another matter when you’re actually responsible for things.

Loudoun schools continue to add 3,000 pupils a year, thanks to the pro-rampant-growth policies of previous Republican boards

Even our extremely fiscally conservative highly businesslike new all-GOP board of supervisors seems to have found themselves helplessly facing reality this week.

Despite arbitrarily vowing to cut tax rates 5 percent, the board has discovered —mirabile dictu—the following little facts that stand in the way. Continue reading