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Opacity in government

It’s probably easier to find out what bills the Peoples Assembly of Kazakhstan has passed than to learn what your local Loudoun Board of Supervisors is up to.

Forget the local “news”papers, of course, which are too busy reporting such front-page scoops as the opening of furniture stores and pictures of pets in need of homes to bother following up on any of the very developer-friendly initiatives of your elected representatives. Continue reading

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Dangerous sign vigilantes go free!

After three months of threatening a Purcellville couple with criminal prosecution (one count each of trespass and larceny) for having removed illegal signs from the public roadways, Loudoun’s fearless crime-fighting very Republican commonwealth’s attorney Jim Plowman has dropped the charges. Continue reading

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If you can’t beat ’em . . . just slip ’em a slow-acting poison

Loudoun Supervisor and Man of Principles (he has one to cover every eventuality) “Ken” Reid (R-Leesburg), having been caught by surprise (so what else is new) by the outcry over his proposal to axe all funding for the Loudoun Museum, now “explains” he never really wanted to destroy the museum, just “help” it.

“Ken”‘s motion to kill the museum was going to be voted on at the last meeting of the Board before its well-earned two-month recess back in July, having already been approved by the Board’s finance committee, with Reid and others murmuring very businesslike utterances about what a bad business museums in general are. Continue reading

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Let the ZORCing commence!

Hoping that no one will notice (except the developers—excuse me the “stakeholders”—who stand to benefit the most from it), our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors returns from its well-earned two-month recess this week with a plan to slip through as its first order of business—without such petty annoyances as debate, discussion, public comment, explanations, etc etc—another of its long promised payoffs to the development industry that installed them in office.

This time it’s the revival of the last very-developer-friendly Republican Board’s “Zoning Ordinance Review Committee,” Continue reading

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