Blind eye to Delgaudio cupidity

A new addition to the lexicon of Loudoun politicians:

  lies n. pl. Inopportune, awkward, or embarrassing facts; particularly, those relating to local elected officials.

Meanwhile . . .

The remarkable thing about last week’s revelations of the flagrant misuse of his public office for private gain by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) is not that he was doing it, but how he got away with it for so long.

For years Delgaudio has blurred the line between his public office and his political fundraising operations. Delgaudio’s former aide Donny Ferguson, who learned the art of turning political pseudo-activism into personal enrichment at the master’s knee, as it were, was for instance sending out press releases for his “American Traditions” pseudo-lobby using his Delgaudio-supplied e-mail address (see below) back in 2010.

Of course with the kind of head-in-the-sand attitude exhibited by Chairman Scott York (R-Kincora) when county-employed staffers finally complained recently that they were being forced to spend most of their time soliciting large donors for Delgaudio, it may not be hard to explain how he got away with it.

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