Wouldn’t want to be “harsh”

Back in October, when the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors voted to conduct an internal “investigation” of fellow supervisor Eugene “The Teflon Defendant” Delgaudio (R-Sterling), Chairman Scott York (R) declared that if Delgaudio had done anything wrong, “I’ll be the harshest one to come down on him.”

York also indignantly denied that the Board’s own investigation was “a sham,” and to prove it, York had the Board call off its investigation a few weeks later, and also pulled off the agenda a proposal by Supervisor Shawn Williams (who obviously went off the reservation on that one) to censure Delgaudio for ethical violations.

The special grand jury conducting its separate criminal probe has now found that Delgaudio engaged in a “direct violation” of county policies by abusing his staff and creating a hostile work environment, and found convincing evidence that Delgaudio misused public assets by having his staff, on county time at county expense in county offices, engage in political fundraising — noting that it would have returned an indictment against Delgaudio based on the evidence presented but for the incredible legal loophole that appears to exempt county elected officials from Virginia’s law against stealing stuff from the government.

It’s admittedly hard for us to judge whether York’s reaction to these findings by the grand jury is “the harshest” of anyone’s, since so far he has offered no reaction at all.


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