Dave LaRock, Superchicken

Dave LaRock, the right wing wacko Tea Party GOP nominee for the 33rd Virginia House district, has been trying very hard to present himself as a man of the people.

The only trouble is that he seems scared to death of actually encountering any people.

He failed to show up a candidate forum in Berryville; then he declined to respond to a questionnaire from that bastion of left wing radical activism the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, which was a prerequisite for participation in the Chamber’s candidate forum; and he has told the Purcellville Gazette, which is sponsoring a candidates’ forum tonight at which Democrat Mary Daniel and Libertarian what’s his face have agreed to appear, that he has to wash his hair or clip his toenails or something and may be too busy to attend (the newspaper reports, “The LaRock campaign said it might attend, schedule permitting”).

Dave, come out from behind that inflatable pig and answer the voters’ questions!

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