Dave LaRock, victim of “insensitivity”

For a guy who’s been prevaricating to the press with impunity, unleashing a veritable mudslide of false and negative campaign literature about his Democratic opponent Mary Daniel, and flaying alive any fellow Republicans who not agree with 100% of his Tea Party extremist ideology, GOP state delegate candidate Dave LaRock is very sensitive guy.

He told the Loudoun Times-Mirror this week that it is “very insensitive” for his opponents to even mention his positions on social issues, which he called “a ploy” and “a campaign tactic.”


This is from a candidate who has made aggressive confrontation his watchword, and who — at least until he secured the GOP nomination — was assiduously touting his far-right religious fundamentalist credentials nonstop to galvanize that faction of the Loudoun GOP base.

Just for instance, LaRock’s “educational” organization — the Koch brothers-funded 1789 Project, of which he is president — asserts that the United States “was founded as a Christian nation”; that “life is sacred from conception” and that all abortion even in cases of rape and incest or endangerment of the mother’s life is thus murder; that Social Security and Medicare are “socialist programs” which violate the Constitution; and that public schools are “socialist education” and that Federal assistance to education “violates the Constitution” and that public tax funding should be diverted to private religious schools and homeschooling.

But for the general election campaign, Dave is suddenly not concerned about such social agendas at all, he claims, and wants to focus on the economy — even as he offers a lot of wink wink nudge nudge to the religious right, using codewords about his large family, his faith, his homeschooled children, and his position in favor of parental “choice” in education etc etc to reassure them he really is one of them.

LaRock’s refusal to participate in candidate forums is no doubt part of his strategy to avoid having to answer any “insensitive” questions about his far-right religious wacko positions.

But it’s interesting that his ducking such events has bought him a lot of negative press in the last week; even the hardly liberal Loudoun Times-Mirror came out this week with a strong endorsement for his opponent, Democrat Mary Daniel. (The paper also noted the exact parallel in the governor’s race, where ideological right wing wacko Ken Cuccinelli has been backpedaling furiously trying to reposition himself as focused only on jobs and growth; yet,a s the paper notes, “His tenure as attorney general demonstrates that he cannot resist placing his own ideological concerns above the business of governing.”)


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