Misogynists for LaRock!

Not content with merely using his $1 million campaign war chest to send daily dishonest glossy hit piece mailers attacking his Democratic opponent, the GOP’s tea party wacko state delegate candidate Dave LaRock has apparently decided that the best way to get out the right wing wacko vote is with a vulgar, misogynist, and sexually crude attack on Democrat Mary Daniel via social media. As Loudoun Progress reports, LaRock’s designated social media man in Purcellville posted a stunningly offensive comment (parental discretion advised) about Daniel supposedly as a way to link her to the reviled Obamacare.

Very nice, and totally characteristic.

As the national media has been reporting, with Republicans in distinct disfavor in Virginia and behind in the polls for next week’s election in the wake of their government-shutdown and near-default fiasco, GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has all but abandoned trying to woo the moderate and independent vote and has switched into full red-meat right-wing wacko mode as a last ditch attempt to rally the only people who still might be willing to vote for him, his tea party base. (“In the home stretch, Mr. Cuccinelli has abandoned reaching out to independent voters to fire up his base. He has campaigned with the hard-right radio host Mark Levin and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is to appear in the days before the election Nov. 5,” reports the New York Times.)

Apparently LaRock is pursuing the same strategy, while enlisting a few malleable proxies (including the inevitable Frank Wolfe, who always can be seen posing like a sawdust-stuffed mannikin with any Republican candidate for anything) to reassure voters that the same guy who is running one of the sleaziest, most dishonest, and contemptuous campaigns in recent memory in Loudoun is actually a “good and decent man” (and, they all repeat, he has lots of children to prove it).


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