LaRock: I deserve all the credit for the idea I once opposed

Tea Party wacko/serial prevaricator  GOP state delegate nominee Dave LaRock has struck again with another of his creative campaign claims unconstrained by little details such as reality.

As Leesburg Today reports, LaRock is now claiming that he “led efforts to protect Loudoun taxpayers and toll payers” in financing the Metrorail extension to Loudoun, with the “result” that special tax districts were established around Metro stations to help pay for the costs.

But in fact, LaRock actually opposed those districts when they were proposed by Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run), sending a mocking e-mail to the Board of Supervisors in 2012 deriding the idea and predicting that businesses would “flee from the Ground Zero/Purple Amoeba/Shawn Williams Memorial Hyper-Tax District Zone.”

LaRock further “clarified” that the reason he deserves credit was that he put up so much pressure against the Metro project with his illegally parked inflatable tax pig trailer that the Board was forced to adopt this idea, even if he was against it.

As we have seen, LaRock, having declared himself the standardbearer of Christian morality and having served as president of a Koch-brothers-funded project  to “educate” the citizenry about such “facts” as that “the United States was founded as a Christian nation,” apparently feels that adherence to the ninth commandment is merely optional in his own case. He has falsely claimed that his opponent, Democrat Mary Daniel, misrepresented his position in favor of changing Virginia law to establish the “personhood” of the unborn—LaRock furiously denied that he had ever taken such a stand, and claimed that Daniel was running a “false and dishonest campaign” by saying so—when in fact LaRock has repeated that position in his own campaign mailings to right-wing Christians. He lied about the reasons he ducked three candidate forums, falsely blaming his no-shows on “scheduling conflicts” or the failure of the sponsor to accommodate his schedule, when in fact he simply blew them off. He has never once in any of his campaign mailings, which always refer to him as a “small businessman,” mentioned what his actual “business” is: namely a disreputable developer of crappy McMansions who has been sued multiple times by dissatisfied customers.

And in a truly breathtaking feat of suspending any attempt at truthful consistency, LaRock took out a newspaper ad this week in which he declared simultaneously that the problem of government is not insufficient tax revenue but too much spending . . . then proceeded to declare that his solution was therefore to spend more on roads and schools, but “without raising taxes.”

There is perhaps a Nobel Prize in economics awaiting anyone who can explain how he intends to perform this miracle of arithmetic. More to the point, it probably sets a new record for a candidate not even trying to artfully hide the fact that he will promise anything to anyone, however self-contradictory he becomes in the process, to get elected.



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