Delgaudio . . . He’s baaaaaaack

In case you missed it, all is apparently forgiven: as its first order of business for the new year,  the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors named disgraced, censured, corrupt, and all-around wacko fellow-Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) to a spot on the Board’s powerful Transportation and Land Use Committee.

Delgaudio had been stripped of his committee assignments last January when the Board wanted to pretend it was doing something about the unfolding scandal surrounding “the clown” (as Chairman Scott York termed Delgaudio in one of his more lucid moments) — but not actually say they were doing anything lest they upset Eugene’s very loyal following among the Loudoun Republican Party poo-bahs.

Most normal people probably assumed that in June, when the Board finally addressed Delgaudio’s little problems head-on by censuring him and taking away his office staff and office budget, the punishment of being stripped of committee assignments would continue as well.

Can the restoration of Eugene’s office budget be far behind now? Then he can get back to running his full-time fundraising office on the public’s dime once again, an activity that he has never explained or apologized for.


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