Gee, guess what happens when you send a right-wing wacko to Richmond?

When he was running for state delegate, right-wing wacko Candidate Dave LaRock kept trying to present himself as a sensible “small businessman” whose main focus was “the economy.”

Ducking any debates or candidate forums, LaRock hid behind an avalanche of mailers that when they weren’t engaging in dishonest character assassinations of his Democratic opponent, offered vague reassurances about his own sensible positions on sensible issues. Here, for example, was how he explained his position on public schools and transportation during the campaign:

“My priorities are holding the line on taxes and spending, while at the same time advocating for the continuous improvement of our schools, insisting on our fair share of transportation funding to ease traffic congestion.”

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Richmond! It took New State Delegate right-wing wacko Dave LaRock two nanoseconds to start filing bills reflecting his own true self this month.

First up was a bill seeking to undermine longstanding federal controls on transfer of weapons, including machine guns.

Then came a bill that would carry out Dave’s deep commitment to “continuous improvement of our schools” by giving a huge tax credit to parents who send their children to private schools or home school. (I guess by “our schools,” Dave meant the ones he favors.)

And then he offered a series of transportation bills that would strip funding for public transit and put it into roads instead, including levying a toll on Dulles airport users to offer “toll relief” on the privately owned and operated Dulles Toll Road.

Well, you get what you pay for in politics.




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