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Some of our best friends are developers who sue citizens that speak out

New Republican Loudoun supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) struck a heroic figure in his campaign last fall with his courageous opposition to traffic, stinkbugs, and truth or decency (take your pick).

Since the election he has been Exhibit A of the new GOP strategy of masking its developer give-aways in a wrapping of bland and vague geniality, replacing the gratuitous (and politically bad) in-your-face confrontation of the last GOP-developer-backed board in 2003–2007.

Since the election Higgins has also notably and faithfully toed the party line, voting to kill the illegal-sign cleanup program (I guess when he waxed eloquent during the campaign about the Catoctin District’s “pristine wilderness” he was thinking of something besides how it looks) and to initiate the insidious process of unraveling the county’s rural comprehensive zoning plan (which during the election he pledged to support unchanged).

Higgins was also a prime recipient of the remarkable flood of developer cash that flowed into Loudoun GOP coffers during this election cycle. Continue reading

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