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Forget it, Ken—You’re going to hell anyway

Our leading local political ambulance chaser, “Ken” Reid, the very proud (and, it turns out, very vain, but that’s another story) new Republican supervisor from Leesburg, has been trying very hard to ingratiate himself with the Christian fundamentalist wing of the local GOP.

In addition to sprinkling off-key pieties into his official utterances  (“I truly believe we’re doing God’s work”) Reid has been playing to this crowd for some time by modestly extolling himself as “The Jew Who Saved Christmas.”

This self-designation is based on Reid’s efforts while on the Leesburg Town Council to have a Christmas tree put up on public property, and more recently on his small but extremely noisy part in opposing the county policy that opened the courthouse lawn to any citizen group that wants to put up a display—as opposed to the flagrantly unconstitutional endorsement of a single religion that prevailed in the past, when a very tasteful display of the brightly colored Holy Family reigned in solitary splendor each Christmas season on the courthouse grounds. Continue reading

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