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Opacity in government

It’s probably easier to find out what bills the Peoples Assembly of Kazakhstan has passed than to learn what your local Loudoun Board of Supervisors is up to.

Forget the local “news”papers, of course, which are too busy reporting such front-page scoops as the opening of furniture stores and pictures of pets in need of homes to bother following up on any of the very developer-friendly initiatives of your elected representatives. Continue reading

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The People’s Business (for people who are developers)

If you’re a normal businessperson who actually believes in private enterprise and you have a dream of, say, building an extremely minor league baseball stadium in Loudoun County, Virginia, here’s what you do:

• go to a bank or other investors and get a couple of hundred million dollars to build it

• when hordes of eager baseball-starved fans come, pay back your investors the principal and interest you owe them using a portion of your handsome proceeds

If, however, you can‘t get investors or banks interested in your dream, because it’s a lousy one, here’s what you do: Continue reading

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Still more help for Kincora

The very generous campaign contributions that the developers of the Kincora mixed-use development and Loudoun Baseball Mecca To Be gave to help elect our all-Republican Board of Supervisors is certainly the gift that keeps on giving!


York (right) and poor cash-strapped owner of the non-existent Loudoun Hounds Bob Farren (left), during their county-paid junket to Germany this spring

Our Board may be on recess this month, but when it comes to arranging for still more taxpayer-funded giveaways to help the poor cash-strapped developers of the worst-located most-minor-league baseball stadium in the known world, our hard-working public servants never sleep.

Kincora already had received Community Development Authority loans and a special taxing district even before   Loudoun Baseball Visionary Bob Farren and his Virginia Investment Partnership dropped a cool 20 gees on the GOP board candidates last fall. Since then, as you will recall, Farren got to travel with his road-trip buddy Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) on York’s highly official highly successful county economic development junket mission to Germany this spring, though Farren’s presence on the trip was nowhere mentioned in any information released by the county about the trip. (Farren, Continue reading

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Some of our best friends get $80 million loans

Still catching up on the exciting developments of a few weeks ago, what could be more exciting than Scott York’s thrillingly titled e-mail special news alert, “Huge Win for Loudoun County.”

Scott York (rechts) und Bob Farren (links) auf dem Trainingsgelände der Redwings (courtesy Hofheimer-Zeitung)

On closer examination the “Huge Win” turned out to be “Huge Win for Very Close Campaign Supporter and Generous Scott York Contributor.” What Loudoun “won” was an $80 million loan, subsidized by the taxpayers, which will allow the developers of residential/commercial/very minor league baseball utopia Kincora to get out of having to come up with the dough themselves that they promised for road improvements as a condition for getting approval for their development in the first place — in one of the already most congested spots in the county, at the intersection of Rt 28 and Rt 7. Continue reading

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