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Shawn Williams: Up is down, down is up, and Republicans support the public schools

We’re still marveling over the unbelievable chutzpah that permits Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) to keep asserting (he said it again in his “news[sic]letter” the other day) that the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors has increased the school budget — when in fact they have repeatedly cut it, and are now looking at handing the schools an $80 million cut for next year.

Just to keep pace with rising enrollment (more than 2,000 new students added to the rolls per year) the school budget needs to grow by 3.5 percent a year. To keep pace with rising enrollment and increased fixed costs (i.e., no new programs, no new bells and whistles, no new nothing — just to prevent a deterioration of the present condition) the budget needs to grow by about 5 percent a year.

Here’s what your all-Republican Supervisors in fact have done the last couple of years, Continue reading

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