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Delgaudio recall is really about Obamacare, says GOP official

We were aware, of course, that all Republican officials have been instructed from party HQ, via the little transmitter implanted in their heads, to blame Obamacare for everything from athlete’s foot to flight delays, but we hadn’t realized just how far things had gone.

It turns out that if you naively believed that the current legal action to have perennially ethically challenged Loudoun supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) removed from office has anything to do with the little matter of his misappropriation of public funds for personal gain, his ordering government-paid employees to perform political fundraising for him, and various other ethical violations documented in a special grand jury investigation last year leading to the unanimous censure of Delgaudio by the fellow members of his all-Republican Board of Supervisors, you just don’t understand the real story.

According to the chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, what this is really all about is . . . you’ll never guess!  . . . Obamacare!

Yes, here is the official response of LCRC chair Mark Sell Continue reading

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And the “people” have spoken

The people have spoken . . . well, the small subset of the people who are permitted to speak, that is, by the Loudoun County Republican Committee’s very exclusive rules for how they pick the party’s nominees . . . and the winner is John “I did not tell an anti-Semitic joke” Whitbeck!

We’re so excited to see democracy in action again, Loudoun County GOP style.

The LCRC refused to announce the actual vote tally to the small number of party faithful who showed up and were permitted to vote at last night’s “mass” meeting to choose a candidate for the 33rd senate district, but take it from them, Whitbeck won.

Whitbeck is certainly an inspiring candidate. A local divorce lawyer, Continue reading

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The Loudoun GOP’s non-critical “mass”

Always so nice to see our local Loudoun Republicans getting on so well together.

After longtime state delegate Joe May announced two weeks ago that he would seek the GOP nomination for now-open 33rd district state senate seat, the extremely small cabal that rules the Loudoun County Republican Committee with dictatorial efficiency acted within hours to issue new rules changing the party’s planned primary — that is, one of those quaint exercises in democracy where the people get to vote and choose their candidate — and instead announcing they would hold a “mass meeting” tonight to choose their standardbearer.

Having thereby effectively sabotaged May’s candidacy by leaving the choice in the hands of a hundred or so of the far-right wackos who will be permitted to participate, the party faithful wasted no time falling out among themselves. (May meanwhile announced he would run as an independent, spurning the local GOP power play.)

The exciting vote tonight will be between John Whitbeck, local lawyer and shmegegge extraordinaire, Continue reading

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