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Look busy!

Great news for the agoraphobic:

Our fearless Board of Supervisors is (weather permitting) plunging ahead this week with its unfunded chemical assault on the great outdoors. According to a press release from the county (see below), 9 parks will be hosed down with hundreds of gallons of a pesticide called Talstar P, part of the local Republican campaign to pretend to be doing something about Lyme disease.

As reported previously, the local Republican party has for very strange reasons fallen under the spell of a fringe group that goes around spreading scientific misinformation and promoting quack treatments for this tick-borne infection. An essential part of their campaign is to grossly exaggerate the number of cases that occur and to spread hysteria and panic about it.

The Board spent its first three months in office going through minute line items in the county budget to find highly fiscally conservative cost-savings, which culminated in axing a series of $500 or $1,000 grants to arts, literacy, community, and cultural organizations. But when it came to approving $20,000 to spray parks, the Board decided it didn’t even have to include the cost in the budget at all—adopting a resolution stating that the cost “is yet to be determined.”

Apparently when you spend that kind of dough without budgeting for it, you also don’t have to do even the most rudimentary cost-benefit analysis. Continue reading

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More Lyme hysteria from the board (better-living-through-chemistry department)

As it has become increasingly and embarrassingly evident that our intrepid Loudoun Board of Supervisors permitted itself to be used by a group of fringe fear-mongers to spread misinformation and pseudoscientific alarmism about Lyme disease, the supervisors have reacted by  . . . digging a deeper hole for themselves.

“Did Loudoun overreact on Lyme disease?” the Washington Post asks in a post on in its local politics blog highlighting realloudoun’s first account of the matter. Continue reading

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Mike Farris and the Lyme Disease quacks behind Loudoun’s “Initiative”

If you were puzzled as I was why the Loudoun Republican Party suddenly decided that it was up to them to save us from Lyme Disease, it turns out that the answer is in our own backyard: the moving force behind this odd business is none other than home-schooling and creationism-advocate (and politically well-connected Republican lawyer) Michael Farris, head of the unaccredited Bible college he founded in Purcellville for like-minded home-schooled Christians, Patrick Henry “College.”

Creationism advocate–Christian home-schooling proponent and now self-proclaimed Lyme Disease authority Michael Farris.

Continue reading

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