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What a way to run a business

Metro Derangement Disorder, cont.:

Let’s just suppose Extremely Businesslike Company A did the following.

After lengthy negotiations over a project for which Company A agrees to contribute an impressive 9 percent of the total cost, during which time Company A makes repeated demands for concessions and reductions in the project cost as a condition for agreeing to contribute an impressive 9 percent of the total cost — including forcing the other partners to abandon portions of the project of great importance and direct benefit to them — the directors of Company A announce a few months later that maybe they didn’t mean to sign the deal after all. Continue reading

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A Republican’s word is . . .

You won’t hear any of our stalwart local or state GOP politicians mention this amid all of their political posturing over Metro to Dulles, but didn’t there used to be something known as (a) civic duty and (b) living up to your word and promise?

The Washington Post has an illuminating article today reporting an e-mail trail that documents our Republican governor and attorney general’s trail of broken commitments over the Metro project. Continue reading

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Amateur hour

SO, a mere 30 years after Federal health authorities identified the cause of Lyme disease and began a complete program of education, monitoring, and prevention, our very own top leading medical authorities here in Loudoun County—I am, of course, referring to newly elected Republican supervisors Professor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin), Dr. Janet Clark MD (R-Blue Ridge), and Herr Doktor Doktor “Ken” Reid (R-Leesburg)—have swung into action with their own “10 Point Action Plan” to combat this terrible scourge, proclaiming 2012 “Lyme Disease Awareness Year.”

“This has been neglected way too long,” Reid declared in one of a series of self-congratulatory pronouncements he made to fellow board members Continue reading

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