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A Republican’s word is . . .

You won’t hear any of our stalwart local or state GOP politicians mention this amid all of their political posturing over Metro to Dulles, but didn’t there used to be something known as (a) civic duty and (b) living up to your word and promise?

The Washington Post has an illuminating article today reporting an e-mail trail that documents our Republican governor and attorney general’s trail of broken commitments over the Metro project. Continue reading

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Payoffs, paybacks, and suckups

If there is a theme emerging in what might charitably be called the governance style of our new all-Republican board of supervisors, it is not only paying off generous campaign contributors and getting back at perceived enemies, but also a desperate desire to catch the eye of the higher GOP powers-that-be with showy displays of fealty to the party’s ideological issues du jour. Continue reading

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