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It’s just not Christmas without a high end marine grade PVC creche

Efficiently getting a mid-July start to their “August Recess,” our very businesslike all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors went out with a bang this week at their Tuesday night business meeting, tying up all kinds of loose ends as they hurried out of town.

Loudoun County Government’s officially approved high end marine grade PVC creche

Actually, some of these hard-working public servants, notably Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) and Chairman Scott York (R), haven’t been in town much lately anyway, judging by how many Board meetings they’ve missed. But when you have a 9–0 majority, showing up and voting just doesn’t seem that pressing a priority I suppose.

The big news Tuesday was the Board’s approval of the meticulously developed new holiday display design for the courthouse lawn. The Courthouse Grounds and Facilities Committee, charged with coming up with the design, helpfully provided the Board a sketch complete with exhaustively researched pictures torn from a religious wares mail-order catalog (example provided here directly from the official Board of Supervisors agenda packet from Tuesday night) showing the type of tasteful displays your government will be providing the taxpayers this year to make up for the tragic inability of citizens to celebrate the holidays on their own.

For a second during the discussion Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) threatened to make sense, questioning why the county government was wasting so much time and effort on debating “lawn decorations” and even seemed to be heading towards the suspiciously sensible view that government ought not to be sticking its oar into religious matters at all. But then she clarified that she was merely suggesting that county government ought not be sticking its oar in and that official government religious holiday displays ought to be left to town governments to erect on their property, thereby presumably solving any constitutional questions involved. Continue reading

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Metro Will Bring Sinful Democrats to Loudoun!

Chancellor “Dr.” The Rev. Michael Farris of Patrick Henry Bible “College” in Purcellville, a major force within the Loudoun GOP machine, has offered another explanation for the far-right opposition to Metro that nearly sunk the project in last week’s cliff-hanging 5–4 vote by our unusually non-unanimous Board of Supervisors.

Metro made for some strange political problems for our normally very unanimous supervisors. Continue reading

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Metro comic relief

The all-Republican Loudoun supervisors certainly know how to get attention for themselves, don’t they? It only took them six months of very public agonizing to agree to do what the previous board had already agreed to do without all the fuss, and support extending Metro to Dulles Airport and Loudoun.

The very serious high-drama 5–4 last-minute squeak-through victory for Metro yesterday was not without its moments of comic relief, however.

First was the outrage expressed by Hillsboro’s far-right “street theater” activist John Grigsby, incensed that Supervisor Ken “Ken” Reid (R-Leesburg) would, as Grigsby fumed, betray the wishes of “your largest donor” and vote for the project.

Yes, nothing more outrageous than a politician you’ve bought and paid for who doesn’t stay bought: Continue reading

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It’s nice to have friends in office

No surprises here: it turns out that the remarkably named Mr. Magic “Dane” Kayhan of Purcellville — who filed a criminal complaint against a couple cleaning up his illegally posted trashy signs within the public right of way in front of his 871 East Main Street business, Total Fitness Outlet — was the no. 2 donor to Republican Janet Clarke’s election campaign last fall for county supervisor.

The scene of the crime

Total Fitness Outlet donated a total of $10,064 to the cause—apparently quite sufficient to purchase your very own local GOP gestapo to legally threaten, with arrest warrants and criminal charges of larceny and trespassing, anyone who crosses you.

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Spraying our parks for fun and profit

This just in: The CEO of Blake Landscapes, Inc., which (weather permitting) will this week be spending thousands of your taxpayer dollars to carry out the Board of Supervisors’ public relations stunt in which hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals are sprayed on 9 county parks in order to pretend to be doing something, however ineffective, against Lyme disease, would like readers of realloudoun to know that no politics was involved in awarding the spraying contract to his firm.

Although (a) the CEO of Blake Landscapes donated to the election campaigns of Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) and Chairman Scott York (R); and (b) his firm promotes on its website the identical fear-mongering about Lyme disease that the Board has found so politically useful; and (c) he quotes local GOP poohbah–Christian homeschooling/creationism guru–and Lyme nut extraordinaire Michael Farris declaring that Lyme disease is (this is a real quote, folks) “the greatest threat of our time,” he would like to make clear that everything was strictly kosher. He writes:

The spraying contract was awarded after a competitive bidding process conducted under state and local purchasing regulations by professionals in the Loudoun County division of procurement.  No one in our company had any contact whatsoever with any elected officials regarding the request for proposals or award.

John Niccolls, Chief Executive
Blake Landscapes, Inc.

In other words, whipping up hysteria over Lyme disease is just business, not politics, as far as his company is concerned. Which we never doubted for a second.

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